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Your caravans and camping cars in winter

All your security equipment

You can park your caravans, camping cars, boats or other equipment with us.

We have sheltered installations so that your material keeps dry in winter and is in the shade in summer

Take the Avignon-south exit number 24, between Avignon, Salon de Provence and Saint Remy.

For more information, contact us by phone, mail or the 24/7 contact form

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No need to tow your caravan!

For stress-free holidays, just leave your caravan, camping car or any other material with us! Save on travel costs and avoid unnecessary clutter or hassle, then pick evrything up at the start of your holiday. Only 3 minutes from the motorway (Avignon-south exit).

Located in the southeast between Avignon and Salon de Provence, we provide parking and winter storage with easy access in a park sheltered from all weather conditions. .

All-year parking or storage for caravans, camping cars, boats or other vehicles, protected by a 2m-high and video surveillance.


Maximum length (boom included): 8m. Maximum height: 3m.


Camping car / boat

Maximum length: 8m, maximum height: 3m.


For other equipment, please contact us.